New Brighton Ferry

Tower    Fort Perch & Rock Light

Original Ferry




1907 (crash!)

Pier left, Ferry right

John Farley

and below, the same painted in


Email - November 25th 2009: My family, Palmer Brothers in Cork bought the Royal Iris ( of Zeebrugge fame) and the Lily and Rose and used them as tenders to the liners when they called to Cork Harbour. The Rose and Lily were renamed  Failte ( Irish for welcome) and An Saorstat  (the Freestate) .  Is there any record of which was which, this is a question sent to me recently? Family records are pretty meagre and all of the crews and principals of the family have gone to their rest. The Royal Iris name was retained and my family returned a plaque which commemorated the activity at Zeebrugge to Liverpool .  Is there any trace of this plaque in Liverpool?  Any links to further history of these ships would be very welcome. R Palmer. You can email R Palmer directly at: rfpalmer - at - can you also copy any info to me please?

Chris Neil emailed me in Jan 2010: My great grandfather James Macfarlane who shows on the 1911 census living at 17 Hawthorn Grove and working aged 54 on the " Ferries Council". He probably worked from Seacombe given where he lived.

1. WW2 Thunderbolt.

2. U Boat 534

4. Hovercraft

7. Mother Redcap's


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My thanks to the members of the Mersey Ferry Group on Facebook: David Langton, Brothers Grin, Jeanette Land, David Garbutt, Andrew Barr, Robbie Quinn, Brian Gill, Robert Hayden Foy, Mersey Ferries.
David Langton actually does talks on the Ferries. I saw him in October 2012 in the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton doing such a talk. Well worth a visit. David is a former skipper on the Ferries.

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