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Barnston Lane

Paul Spencer here from California.I was going through my box of photo's when i found this little gem.I'm going to say it's around 1968/69.The teacher's name is Mr Morgan and the school was barnston lane in Moreton.If anyone can remember the year i'd love to know.I'm top right with the glasses on. Some of the people i still remember,Steve Blake,Simon Hulse, Dave Lamont, Billy New, Linda Coleman, Peter Macmanagan, Billy Brittan, Ian Swanwick, John Stanley, Karen Watts, Norman Walker, Andrew Mansley and Peter Cooke.It would be great if there was a response to this picture.Anyone wanting to get in touch with me can email me at   Speno1961 – at – (replace -at- with @).
The following images of Barnston Lane pupils was sent to me from Don Cropp March 2015

site of Barnston Lane School, now industrial units

These images of MSM can be enlarged and/or downloaded to make one big image of the whole school 1960

Formerly MSM School
Sacred Heart


Christ Church
C of E School

demolished in 1975, situated at nearby Woolworths on Hoylake Road
The Moreton Church of England School was built for a cost of £745 and was opened on 21st February 1861. The bricks used to build it were hand-made
from a marl pit on the stretch of road between Moreton and Great Meols (The Meols Stretch). The school was pulled down in 1975
Thomas Becket

1969 5th year

School photo from 1967 5th year at St Thomas Becket Secondary Modern School.
Top Row (l to r) Tony Franklin, Joe Boyd, ?, Geraldine Lee, Ann Varley, ?
Bottom Row (l to r) Jim Shipley, ? Kennedy, Paul Thomason (Head Boy), Head, Mr Devine, Ann Jones (Head Girl), Susan Stubbs, Nora Murray
Thanks Jim Shipley for the image

Tommy Beckets then Foxhill 2008
Formerly St Thomas Becket RC SM School.

Headmasters office was on the left. This image taken on Douglas Drive.
But the school has long gone, now known as Foxfield School or something.
sometime later all was demolished .....

And gone, pic taken from Ely Ave towards Douglas Drive
Lingham Lane


Lingham Lane 1953 intake

Back Row: June Coan,xx,Linda Fay, George Moor, Duncan?, Robert McCabe, Stuart Bowden, xx,xx,xx,Janice Hawkins, Margaret or Brenda Kelly,xx

Middle: Malcolm Blauel,xx, Phil Willy, Brian Kelly, Brian Alexander, Jessica/Jennifer Edwards, Pamela?, Sue Blake, Stu Carson,xx, Sue Parry,

Front: xx,xx,Di Caldwell, xx,xx,David Birkett? (Or Paul Robinson), xx,xx,Gil Ledsham, Patty Webster?, xx, Christine Smith, xx