This is all about the Wirral but we can't ignore some aspects of the 'dark side' of the River Mersey
Images I have taken and have found of Liverpool and her dockland. The city is. or was, a lovely place;
but I do not think the new designed buildings do anything for the city at all. The Pier Head had been deluged
under glass and steel, not pretty.

Although I was born in Hull, in 1949, I was raised in Wallasey. I worked on the Pier Head and Liverpool Docks in the mid 60s, at the time of Radio Caroline North, Swinging 60s and long hair! Although I have zero affiliations with the footballing side of the region, I do keep an eye out for Tranmere Rovers results each week as I lived nearby, after Moreton, when I married my wife Sue and lived in Egerton Park, and then Bulwer Street, Rock Ferry. We left there, as a family, in 1981 to live and work in Germany. And, yes, I still have me accent! We now live in the Midlands but I still make trips up to Merseyside, in particular, the Wirral, a couple of times per year on photographic missions, visit family.  My three children are now all grown up and I have two marvellous grandson's and a grandaughter. I hope you enjoy this nostalgic trip around the region, I know I have; and have made many new friends in the process. Genevieve on Bidston Hill, Ken Burnley, historian and many correspondents who send me images and information. Colin Schroeder, historian, Greasby. Prof Stephen Harding and found some long lost friends too.Since 1974, the Wirral became part of Merseyside but people on the Wirral did not recognise nor like this fact. Even now 34 years later, this is still prevalent. Great enjoyment was taken in more recent years, in a lot of quarters, when the Liverpool postcode was dropped and Wirral returned to a CH (Chester) postcode. Click on any of the links below to visit another section.

Albert Dock

River Mersey
(the banks of)

(both sides of the river)

St Georges Hall
(Inside images)


George Harrison 

Lern Yerself Scouse

Liverpool Past & Nearly Present

Pier Head

HQ Western Approaches (different ww2 site)

Shipping on the Mersey

U Boat 534 (different ww2 site)