West Kirby & Hilbre Island

Hilbre: Hildeburgheye (1388) Hildeberg’s island. From Old English personal name Hildeburg (female), it may have been that the monastery on the island was dedicated to St Hildeburgh. eg: Hilburghee 1521; Hilbree 1538; Elborough 1891

West Kirby: Cherchebia (1081). Village with a Church. From Old Norse Kirkju-byr. Prefix West- used to distinguish it from Kirkby in Wallia, now called Wallasey.
Kyrkeby 1137; Westkyrby 1287.

Ashton Park West Kirby

Creers Farm

undated - St Bridgets

That wheel needs fixing! 

Some cafes invite a happy memory


These two bus stop images are by Val Fielder

An 'octopus' garden' (private joke)

there is no truth to the story I carved this (private joke)

St Bridget’s Church (c.900 AD) is situated within a circular churchyard

Image taken 1880s, Note large cross, still there today

I think some images look great in black and white especially with 21c items photoshopped out!

Almost hidden in the Ashton Park undergrowth this old cast iron water fountain
I did some research (used google) and came up with this following image - their foundry in Worcester

All these are in Ashton Park, all hand made

Viking Settlement Ashton Park May 2nd 2022

small museum at St Bridgets


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Wallasey Videos:






https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/~cmi/dee/wrecks/wrDee.html - new find