Caldy, Thurstaston & Heswall

Heswall: Eswelle (1086). Hazel Spring. From Old Norse hesli wælla. Haselwell 1190; Hosewall 1398; Weswall 1418
Caldy: Calders (1086). Cold hill or cold arse – referring to a hill name. From Old English cald-ears. Caldelrs 1136; Caldei 1182; Cawedy 1606.
Thurstaston:   Turstanetone (1086). Thorstein’s town. From Old Norse personal name Thurstan and tun Thorstanistona 1216; Thirstynton 1539.

Caldy Village


Image mid 1880s

Hall image mid 1880s
These three images were taken from an 1889 book

Girls Orphanage

Winter on the hill

Heswall Armistice Day

Crosville going to Heswall

Lower Heswall


Heswall Station

Tom Evans


Gayton Mill Heswall
One recalls a tragic happening at Heswall one Sunday night in the long ago. At the Wesleyan Chapel at the Slack, that big, leather-lunged local preacher, Corlett, from Birkenhead, was in the pulpit when a great storm arose. The rain came down in torrents; the lightning flashed, the thunder crashed in deafening peals. Corlett essayed to go on with his sermon, but in vain. ‘It’s time for a man to stop when God begins to speak,’ he exclaimed. And abruptly broke off.

Then a prayer-meeting was called, but still the thunder roared in a terrifying fashion, and the water began to swirl in and flood the chapel. Those who know ‘the Slack’ will understand with what facility the water would pour in. Higher it rose, and all had to beat a hasty retreat. Corlett did not get back to his home that night. The oldest villager declared Heswall never had such a storm within recollection. The men at the Chapel carried the women out on their backs. Written in 1925

Pye's Motors Heswall 1923. This building became the Kings Picture House in 1928
A bit of motoring history from Thurstaston



Sept 2018: Fancy a Chinese when out in and around Heswall? DONT use the Oriental Palace. The Food Authorities have closed it down, again, because of rotting food, dirt and very greasy worktops. Why don't they close it down permanently??? The staff even wrote fake 5 star reviews in trip advisor.