Griffiths - Birkenhead Steeplejacks

In August 2016 I was sent a series of images, probably never before seen, of Birkenhead and a couple of Bidston (on the Bidston pages). They are the property of Alan Perry, a cousin of fellow contributor, Bill Hislop. Here are the Birkenhead images. All these taken by a Mr RM Morris. These are family photographs. As they are not mine, I have marked each image. I have the original sepia large sized images safe.

Moving the Memorial to its present site, undated. The well lashed scaffolding is wood

Flaybrick Cemetery. On top of the spire is Fred & Ivy Griffiths

close up of above

Palm Grove Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Birkenhead North Destructor Fred Griffiths - Marjorie Griffiths at top

St Peters Cathcart Street, now demolished
 Not the work of miracles but stonemason Jack Wright on a bosuns chair going to the summit of Trinity Church Oxton
close up of Fred on flaybrick spire  
North End demolition. Fred Griffiths hanging on by his legs
and the original of Fred leaning out
Oxton Congregational Church   
The home base of the Griffiths Monumental Works, Tollemache Road

St Pauls Rock Ferry