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Seacombe & Poulton

Poulton: Town or Farm by a pool. From pol tun. Seacombe: Valley by the sea.

Seacombe in 1850, was a country village consisting of one main street (Victoria Road), two cross streets and a few scattered houses. By the 1890s all was changing and the character was lost forever as industry began to unfold along towards the Wallasey Pool. later the docks.

Seacombe was better known in the past for its Potteries than its ferry. Poulton was a stinky smelly disease riddled area of habitation alongside Wallasey Pool, a tidal inlet. Much of the waste from this region went directly into the Wallasey Pool but what goes out with the tide, comes back! It took an act of Parliament to get it cleaned up, sewers laid and running water installed in the homes, those that were fit enough that is!  Wallasey Pool was eventually to become the dockland, Bidston Moss, a wetland run off the Pool, became dry.

top left: I can remember this; think there was a playground there too. Bottom left: Egremont Ferry in distance.

Birds House Poulton

Notice is hereby given, that application is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensuing session, for leave to bring in a Bill for dividing, allotting, inclosing, and draining the commons and waste lands in the several townships of Wallasey and Poolton cum Seacome, in the county of Chester, and for allotting, dividing, and draining a certain common pasture called Wallasey Pasture, in Wallasey aforesaid, and for making a road over Bidston Marsh, in the said County, from the said townships of Wallasey and Poolton, to communicate with the townships of Bidston and Moreton and also for allotting, dividing, inclosing, and draining a piece of land called the Carr, otherwise Newton Carr, in the parish of West Khby, in the said county.

September 4, 1813 

Dacie and John, Agents, No.

Poulton Road Primitive Methodist (Now Somerville School)



a caption to this states that the tower in the back ground is the old seacombe ferry tower; but its on the building next door?

Penny Bridge, Poulton - leading to Birkenhead

Half Penny bridge began in 1843, so called because of the half penny toll to cross it. It was situated in Wallasey Pool on the road between Bidston and Poulton. Made of wood and it opened in the middle to allow ships to pass through. On 1st September 1896 the fare was increased to one penny, the bridge is still known as penny bridge to this day. In 1926 it was replaced by a modern swing bridge by the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board.

I know this is a painting and open to artistic licence, but look at the volume of shipping!!


Seacombe Ferry 1870 

Seacombe Ferry Floating Roadway, used to take luggage etc to the Luggage Ferry boats.
This look like a construction phase, note section in river.

Seacombe Potteries

Formerly Victoria Road renamed Borough Road

Hippodrome Borough Road

Firstly it was the Irvine Theatre, then it became The Kings, then The Scala and then Hippodrome.
It reopened its doors in 1936 as the Embassy. Shops recalled in Borough road included:

Maypole Grocers, O'Briens butchers, A green grocers that always seemed to have a queue, which had a picture of bananas on a green wooden shutter. Pub - Five Barred Gate, a Bank, Chandlers Shop between Waverley and Hatherley Streets, a music shop on the corner of Waverely St, Bon Bon Sweet Shop, and of course the main building in Borough Rd, the Embassy Cinema. Where remembered films starred Abbot & Costello, Betty Grable, Rita Heyworth. Pawnbrokers on corner of Florence Road. Opposite another Chippy and futher up was the Library. On the way up towards Lloyds Corner was a baby clothes shop.

Borough Road WW2 Bomb Damage

Taken by me, Oakdale Avenue from Spillers Mills

This is Old Gorsey Lane. Does anybody know its name or what it produced?
From Bob Taylor in Canada:
It is in fact the buildings of the gasworks which prior to the A59 were between the junction with Norwood Road and the Dock Road. The gasometers would have been closer to Norwood Road, probably around where the A59 runs now. used to push my brothers pram with a couple of bags of coke on from there to Guildford Street in Egremont. Bob, in your debt mate. Thanks.

Tunnel Approach as was after rail had gone and as 'is'!

Borough Road 6th June 2012

Approx 1934

Seacombe - late 40s. Ferry Terminal, bus station and railway station all in view

Vittoria Dock

Buchanan's Mill shortly before it was destroyed by fire. Image: 1969/70. Taken From Spillers

East View from Pauls Mill towards '4 Bridges' 1969/1970

1954 Oakdale Avenue & Spillers

Blue Funnel Lines Clytoneus & Ixion at West Float Wallasey approx 1970

Demesne Street - Tram liners being fitted

Poulton railway bridge after the railway had gone but obviously before it was turned into the new Tunnel Approach
oh how many times did I chuff under that one!

Seacombe - Charing Cross Bhead 'bus'  - Seacombe Station

Seacombe Station - Line closed 16th June 1963. 


1940. The vessel moored at this end of the stage is a luggage boat.

This was annotated Seacombe Ferry Liverpool !!! Its astonishing how many people refer to Wirral localities as 'liverpool'

Seacombe Promenade. Egremont ferry in centre and New Brighton Tower to rear.

1960s - the Atlantean front loader making its appearance, far left. Advert on building opposite for Players Cigarettes and
below in black 'n' white,  the 1928 version of Seacombe Ferry approach from the other end of the above image!!
hose shops were still there in the 1960s. Below, the same image on 6th June 2012


Image above: stolen from Andrew Barr!! This is NOT a ferry boat but a luggage boat ferrying
freight etc across the river. Possibly the Liscard.

St Lukes at the bottom of Mill Lane can be seen at the background. Thr area stank of sewage and it took an Act of Parliament to
get drainage etc installed in the whole of Poulton to relieve the stink and improve the lives of dying tenants!! The above later
became Bidston Dock and the 'ha'penny' bridge crossed this gap. St Lukes (below) on the skyline.

Limekiln Lane

Poulton Road near Lloyds Corner 6th June 2012

Poulton Road

Coop Poulton Road

Above 3, May 2015

Wall by Seacombe Ferry indicating the sections of the Promenade between here and the Marine Parade in New Brighton

Formerly the Bus Station at Seacombe Ferry. The so called art is a monstrosity, waste of taxpayers money.

Seacombe from Egremont

Guinea Gap

Guinea Gap Baths 

Ventilation tower of Queensway Tunnel and Wallasey Town Hall evident

and from Seacombe Ferry itself

This was once the thriving bus Terminal at Seacombe. I would get the No 3 or 5 home!

Zeebrugge Memorial 1918

Maritime Heritage Trail - Seacombe Ferry

Olde pic of Seacombe Ferry. These are displayed within the Terminal.

Figures, and horse and cart are painted in

VE Day Edith Road Seacombe

The image below is VE Day celebrations in Edith Road, Seacombe. It was sent to me by Geoff Ashurst. His sister in law knows some of the people in the photograph and would like to know more details if possible plus any still alive with contact details? The back of the photo is included below. Contact geoff - at - mkshipping.co.uk - replace -at- with @ for a correct email address.

January 2011 image of what was Limekiln Lane

Mersey Street (Image: Tony Franks Buckley)


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