Birkenhead Rock Ferry

Never mind your footballers and pop stars of today, THIS is what being a hero is all about, and a Rock Ferry man too.

Two beautiful Rock Ferry lasses. The lovely young lass on the left bears a striking resemblance to my wife
Sue's grandmother pictured below on her wedding! I wonder?

Ionic St School. My wife went here in 50s

Rock Ferry Wedding. My wifes nan (Hulse)

Lees Street wedding Jan 1952 (My father and mother in law)

Bedford Road

Egerton Park below

Fond memories of here, my wife and I lived here at 78a when we first married in 1975

Highfield Road

Well Lane

Railway Inn

Dacre Hill - opened 1938 and closed 1970

Ionic Street
Gothic Street VE Day 1945 (Image From John Martin - formerly Gothic Street). From Maureen Barker, her grandad Bill Lindsay
is in the above image. Her family lived in Gothic and Ionic street also Lees Ave, Houghtons and Cynche. She asks are there
any more images John Martin?
Lees St/Howson St Day Out (Image: John Martin)
Gothic Street Festival of Britain 1951 (Image: John Martin)

28 Howson Street, where my wife Sue lived from birth until she moved to 40 Woodward Road

Rock Park

Mar 2022: Thanks for this email Angela:

Enjoyed looking at your photos. My mum was brought up in Bold Street, Rock Ferry (just up the road fron Rock ferry Pier) The road was demolished in the 1960's. I also lived in Egerton Park for a short time,I was about 4 years of age about 1948. We lived in the basement of a large house owned by a Mrs Binnie. In order to get a roof over our heads my dad had a full time job and did the garden for Mrs Binnie and mum cleaned the very large house. it has since been demolished and about 20 houses built on the site.