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Bidston cum Ford

Ford Farm

Ford Farm existed until 1936 when it was demolished. The farm was owned by the Thomas family. The following images are reprinted here by permission
of James Lloyd, the owner of the images and all rights belong to him.  This is a microcosm of the life surrounding Bidston from approx 1900 to the 30s.

The census chart clearly shows the area was all agriculture in 1881. A civil parish to 1933 and an 'ancient parish' before that

James Thomas                                                       Esther Thomas
Charlotte & Bill Thomas dated 1908 (I am not sure about the date?)

On the Farm

Charlotte & Arthur

Charlotte M Thomas as a Nurse 1918 aged 11

Ford Farm 1922

Ford Farm 1922

Arthur & Ron Lloyd

Bill at Ford Farm Upton 1925

Bill Thomas making hay 1926

Charlotte, Bill, James and Ester Thomas seated 1920

Jack & Kath Jones 1925

Thomas with two Indians at the Woodchurch Scouts Jamborie 1929

Bill Thomas's Trophies

Birds by Birkenhead/West Kirby Road (Fender Lane??)

Charlotte Thomas & Hilda Pemberton

Charlotte Thomas & Hilda Pemberton Llangollen 1918

Charlotte Apple Tree

James Thomas

Charlotte Thomas, James & Ester Thomas

Charlotte Thomas

Charlotte Thomas1921

27. Charlotte dressed as a boy for the Motor Racing. (I presume girls could not take part)

Ford farm Family

Charlotte, Bill, James and Ester Thomas seated 1920

Charlotte's Scrapbook  

31. Charlottes scrapbook introduction  

Room at the Farm

James Thomas tree felling

Bill Thomas Unknown Racing Raby Mere 1926 racing on ice (Liverpool Motor Club)

Charlotte Thomas & Hilda Pemberton Chirk Castle 1918

Charlotte Llangollen 1918

Esther and Charlotte 1925 

Esther Thomas with dog  1928

45.  Great Aunt Jane with Rhubarb - Ford Farm 1920-3

Hilda Pemberton and Charlotte Llangollen  

Jimmy Dean on donkey

Annie Knibb in garden 1934

Ford Farm demolition 1936  



Bidston Sources and reference links
Peter Rodger -email 2003
- Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory
- History of Bidston Hill

Big thanks to James Lloyd for these images