Pre War Bidston 

Bidston 1898

Bidston Hall and, lower than in reality, The Lighthouse

Lilac Cottages and Tithe Barn

Bidston Hall, steps on side


Bidston Court

Bidston Court after it had been moved to Frankby or nearer Thurstaston, locale differs 

The Priory Bidston west front approx 1910. Once owned by the Bibby Family (Bibby & Sons Ltd)

Bidston Aerodrome 1920

Above and below, Thermopylae Pass

Route of Pass in 1882
Ancestor of Bill Hislop sitting by Mill after storm took its roof off.

Bidston Golf Club (ancestor of Bill Hislop)  

Seeing paintings and old images makes you realise its not that long ago the Hill was treeless on top!

Original Bidston Light. Flags are signals to approaching shipping (see below)

Vyner Road