Bidston Station 

A site called disused railway stations has Bidston on their site, strange, it has never been 'disused' and is still in use today (2014).

The station was originally built by the Hoylake Railway in 1866 as an intermediate station on their line from Birkenhead to Hoylake. After the extension of this line to West Kirby in 1878 to the west and into a new station to the east at Birkenhead Docks (the current Birkenhead North station), through trains to Liverpool commenced in 1938 when the London Midland and Scottish Railway electrified the line to West Kirby. In 1896 the North Wales and Liverpool Railway opened their line to Hawarden Bridge, which joined the Wrexham, Mold and Connah's Quay Railway line to Wrexham.  During the earlier half of the twentieth century, Bidston station was known as 'Bidston Dee Junction' and was a busy interchange between the Wirral line electric services and the Seacombe to Wrexham & Chester steam trains. In 1960 the Wrexham service (by now operated by diesel trains) was diverted east of Bidston to terminate at New Brighton and later to Birkenhead North However it was subsequently cut back to start and terminate at Bidston in October 1978 and this remains the situation today. Several sidings were situated adjacent to the eastern side of the station, south of the running lines, but these were removed in the 1960s-70s. There was also Bidston steam locomotive depot, shed code 6F, which principally operated the Wrexham line; this was somewhat south of the running lines, halfway between Bidston and Birkenhead North stations.The station was the nearest to the former Bidston Dock. The adjacent Bidston East Junction gives access to the former Birkenhead Dock Branch line, but this has been disused since the mid-1980s and is still so at present. The station has always been primarily a transfer point between trains, remote from any development, which remains the position today. Until 1970, the approach road was just a track and not properly surfaced

1920s image. The tracks on the left where still there late 50s/early 60s

December 2004, bland nondescript urban stop off, no character at all

Bidston Station, was a fair walk from the village, for my small legs anyway! This is the diesel
train to Wrexham

Bidston Station Signal Box, looking towards Leasowe Station on the West Kirby - Liverpool line. The box has now vanished.

Bidston Hill From Bidston Station - December 2004

Bidston Sheds


Left: A Beatles poster was found in 2013 when a workman removed a panel on the station!!

Modern Images, old steam loco (& right)

Moreton Flats in distance giving date as 1960s